What are the benefits of having an inground sprinkler system?
Since hand watering is done on a random basis, and at irregular intervals, an automatic sprinkler system will actually, in most cases, use less water. It will also disperse the water at an even rate, and for a predetermined amount of time.

This allows you to water sunny and shady areas for different periods of time, and to water when it is most efficient.

One obvious benefit is the ability to continue a watering program while you are away on vacation, etc.
Will the installation ruin my lawn?
We use modern trench-less installations on existing lawns.

This method causes little to no damage to your lawn. Our trained staff provides the utmost care to your lawn during your installation.

You will be informed of the installation process before the installation begins. This way you will fully understand the installation process and what to expect.
What type of maintenance does the system require?
Your system will be required to be winterized at the end of the season.

It will also be required to be started in the spring.

We provide both these services for you.
What happens when it rains?
We install a rain sensor on every system we install.
What is a backflow device and do I need one on my sprinkler system?
A backflow device is a brass assembly that will prevent any water from the sprinkler system from entering into your drinking water supply.

We are required by all municipalities to install these devices. There are many different types of these, and each individual municipality has differing requirements for the installation.

Atlantic Lawn Irrigation is very familiar with most municipalities and their requirements, and will provide the appropriate backflow device for your system.
What does head to head coverage mean, and can I get by without it?
Simply put, water from one sprinkler head should spray far enough to hit the next sprinkler head. By doing so over the entire lawn or landscape, you will be achieving "Full Coverage".

In hot weather full coverage is a must for healthy turf. In these places, wherever the sprinklers are spaced too far apart you will definitely find spots which are drier, yellower, and generally not as green and lush as it should be.

Wherever the water doesn't hit will become a problem spot, and we at Atlantic Lawn Irrigation DO NOT like problem spots.
Will water alone keep my lawn keep my lawn looking green?
While water is the key ingredient for a healthy lawn, it is not the only answer.

Proper fertilization, and lawn maintenance is required for that lush green look, as is bug control.

We get calls a lot in the summer from people that think there is something wrong with their sprinkler system, but upon inspection, there are bugs destroying the lawn, or they have not used any fertilizer.

we recommend that you contact a company in that business to look after your lawn. Or we can recomend someone for you.

Having a sprinkler system installed is the first step towards a healthy, green lawn.
Why should I choose Marchese Sprinkler Repair to install my sprinkler system?
We have a reputation for doing the best work in the business. We pay attention to details, and take great pride in each and every system we install.

At Marchese Sprinkler Repair, quality is our standard, not our goal.
Are you insured?
YES. The following insurance policies are a home owner's critical protection:

1. Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy - This insurance is the most important and often overlooked by home owner's: this protects you from potential liability if one of the contractor's workers is hurt on your property while on the job.

2. Liability Insurance Policy - This insurance helps protect you in case of unforeseen damage caused by the contractor's work.